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Week 2 of Journeyman League

Paul's Denegra
Week 2 is upon us and it started out with a really fun Friday night.  We had lots of games going on and people showing up with painted models to show off, all in all a good gaming session.

To start off Paul showed up with a really killer Machine Wraith that my picture doesn't give any justice, sorry Paul!  Paul also finished up his Warwitch Denegra, earning him 3 points for painting.

   I finished up a pair of my Gun Boars, they've definitely earned their paint job throughout the course of the week.  Those pow 13 guns are not to be understimated!  I have been blessed with some nice caster shots and a few devastating blows to crucial warjacks.  They did fail me tonight vs. Bart, but only after using all the good ammunition vs. Paul's Cryx, but i'll dive into that as we approach the battle reports.
Paul's machine wraith

Pair of Carver Gun Boars

Kreoss vs. Stryker

I admittedly didn't watch this game in heavy detail.  I can point out some of the highlights as I was battling Cryx on the table next to it.  Dave our Menoth player kept advancing into the guns of Cygnar trying to take advantage of his arc node.

While Eric kept blasting away with his charger and black 13th, as well as his own arc node on the lancer!  The powerful shot ability on the charger landed some damage early on and racked up some damage boxes on Menoth as they advanced.

As the armies started to collide it seemed the Cygnar army was impervious with Strykers feat +5 armor, and Arcane Shield +3 armor on the Ironclade.  Taking him to a massive 26 armor, which is typically unheard of in Warmachine!

Dave was not to be daunted though as his crusader began picking up and chucking Eric's warjacks in a nearby shallow lake extinguishing the furnaces!  It was both hilarious and mournful as Stryker's forces who've been doing so well are being defeated by body of calm cool water.

The battle ended with Kreoss taking home victory for Menoth.

Carver vs. Denegra

 This battle was truly about the Gun Boars as they opened up with a nice hit on one of Paul's bone jacks.  Paul retaliated by spraying and applying corrosion to half of my army.  Though the rest of the damage hits were mitigated by Batten Down the Hatches.  Such an amazing spell.

As the Cryx army rushed to calm the thunderous shots of the Gun Boars one Bone Jack bit the dust.  Once engaged quagmire on one of the Gun Boars helped mitigate the high defense of the Cryx jacks.  Though the one Death Ripper that closed in on a Gun Boar proceeded to heavily damage the pig.  With the mighty 20 armor the Gun Boar survived.

Carver decided to end this now as he saw his pigs taking a heavy toll.  With the help of his feat Carver charged the Slayer and landed a devastating blow.  This was followed up by a pair of Gun Boars battering the Slayer to dust freeing the War Hog to run off to engage Denegra.

Denegra being immune to free strikes (Doh!) backed away from the War Hog and proceed to shadow bind, parasite and bash the War Hog landed very powerful hits.

Though Denegra had lost too many much and Carver applied  lots of pressure as the Gun Boars finished off the Bone Jacks and Carver moved into position to charge next turn.  Denegra seeing her army disintegrate before her took solice in destroying Carver's War Hog before finally getting cut down by Carver's weapon, The Hand of God.

Bart vs. Legion

I didn't watch this battle at all honestly.  Only thing I noticed as I glanced over was Bart had removed all of Legions army and had put 12 solid points of damage on Lylth.  With Lylth's dying breath she landed a powerful bow shot, followed by a parasite and another bow shot to do enough damage to fell Bart (and Carver) has yet to pass a single tough check in the league so far.

Sorscha vs. Denegra

I only caught the highlights of this battle after it had ended.  Sorscha's crazy threat range of 19 inches got her into melee with Denegra and her trusty hammer Frostfang finished the job.

Carver vs. Bart

Going into this battle 1 to 1 a real grudge match has been a brooding.  Carver taking the first turn runs forward with everything except Carver who casts Batten Down the Hatches.

Bart using his superior range takes a shot with his Mariner landing one damage point to a Gun Boar.  The Gun Boars retaliated doing some damage to the Buccaneer and Freebooter.

Mariner taking a 2nd round shot blasts into Carver doing 4 points of damage.  The Freebooter charges into the War Hog doing really nice damage considering it was dice minus 7, but failing to hit with the grab and smash allowing to do its free two handed throw, the bane of the war hog's existence!

Carver calls his feat and charges the Freebooter.  I pick up my four dice happy to roll this devastating blow and see the dice come up 1 ... 2 ... 2 ... 3.  I did 3 points of damage to the Freebooter!  This throws off the rest of my plans the turn and I proceed to take a few pot shots off with the Gun Boars and attack the Freebooter with the War Hog who doesn't finish it off.  (I forgot to mention Bart's minus 3 to hit on feat turn is rough!)  Seeing a charge lane from Bart to Carver all be it too late.  Targ decides to eat the bullet and runs in front of Carver.

The next turn is humorous.  Dougle fires off his Quad Iron and misses with snake eyes.  The Mariner then deciding to kill off Targ to open the charge lane fires killing Targ, who decides to be too tough for a cannon ball and lies down instead (passed tough). The Buccaneer having enough moves up and skewers Targ's body on the ground.  With the charge lane free Bart charges Carver.

Bart lands two solid attacks on Carver who shrugs one off to a beast. (His 1 and only transfer)  Carver sitting at 13 def 20 armor with 5 hit points left thinks he'll survive the round to get his revenge on Bart!  Bart spend his last focus hits.  Picking up two dice we do a quick calculation of the odds.  Bart is pow 14, Carver is armor 20, with 5 hit points left.  Bart needs to roll a 11 or 12 to finish off the pig.  Nicole picks up the dice rolls them on the table and lands double 6's.  I am sweating now.  All I need is a tough check, I pick up my die and roll it, 3.  Game over Bart, you win this time but I'll get my revenge!

Recap of the Journeyman League Totals

Cryx                                      11pts
Legion                                   5pts
Merc - Pirates                      19pts
Minions - Thornfall                20pts
Minions - Blindwater             4pts
Khador                                 10pts
Cygnar                                  2pts
Menoth                                  3pts
Circle                                    6pts
Skorne                                  3pts

As it's nearing 3 I'm going to wrap this one as I'm tired.  Though I have got Carver nearly done, so look for an update this weekend with my warlock finally done!  Maybe that's the edge Bart has had all a long!

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