Saturday, October 8, 2011

Week 3 Battle Reports and Recap of Current Totals

We had four battle fought tonight with plenty more to happen throughout the week.  Our current totals stand at...

Recap of the Journeyman League Totals

Cryx                                                 11pts
Legion                                              5pts
Merc - Pirates - Nicole                   37pts
Minions - Thornfall - John              27pts
Minions - Blindwater - Lucas          9pts
Khador                                             21pts
Cygnar                                              2pts
Menoth                                             3pts
Circle                                                6pts
Skorne                                              11pts
Retribution                                       6pts

We definitely have a few front runners with Pirates getting a lot of games in and the most painted models.  Great job Nicole!  I'm currently in second with Steve nipping at my heals at 3rd.  The only different between Steve and I is the 6 points I've received from painting so far.

I also love how some of our new players are showing great improvement, great job Lucas and Matt!

Now to the battle reports (most of these will be short as I didn't fully watch any of the games)

Khador vs. Pirates

Sorscha                        Bartolo Montador
Destroyer                     Mariner
Juggernaught                 Freebooter
Bombadiers (min)         Buccaneer
Manhunter                    Aiyana and Holt
                                    Bloody Bradigan
                                    Dougal MacNaile

This battle started out with some barrages from both sides and quickly escalated into an all out throw down.  Bart popped his feat first and applying pressure to Khadors forces killing off the Bombadiers and Manhunter quickly.  Then Khador retaliated by pressuring the high armor warjacks.  The battle quickly boiled down to Bart surviving Sorscha's assassination attempt who then wind rushed away as it obviously wasn't working out.

Bart retaliated by eating a free strike and charging Sorscha.  She survived his barrage of attacks and brought the full force of her army onto him.  Missed both of the Juggernaught attacks needing 7's, landed the Destroyers attack putting Bart to 3.  Sorscha missed all of her attacks but one and failed to crack the Pirate Captains armor!

With the fresh reprieve Bart finished off Sorscha who was no longer defense 18.

Minions (Barnabas) vs. Skorne

Barnabas                               Morghoul
Spitter                                   2xSavages
Wrastler                                Gladiator
Croak Hunter                        Bloodrunners (min)
Thrullg                                   Void Spirit
Feralgeist                               Beast Handlers
Totem Hunter

As I watched the previous battle more I didn't catch much of this game's details.  Skorne claimed victory though, undefeated at this point!

Skorne vs. Pirates

Bartolo Montador                 Morghoul
Mariner                                 2x Savages
Freebooter                            Gladiator
Buccaneer                             Accuraii
Bloody Bradigan                   Beast Handlers
Dougal MacNaile
Aiyana and Holt

Pirates used their advantage very heavily with their shooting to force Skorne to close the gap and come to them.  Unfrotunately for Adam and his Skorne, Nicole's shooting really hammered his army.  That combined with Bart's feat really left him without many good options.  Skorne was out done by the Pirates shooting as Bart claimed a second victory and ending Adams win streak!

Khador  vs. Minions (Barnabas)

Sorscha                     Barnabas
Destroyer                  Spitter
Juggernaught             Wrastler
Bombadiers               Croak Hunter
Manhunter                 Thrullg
                                 Totem Hunter

Sorscha used her Khador forces very effectively to close the gap on the gators and line up Sorscha on a solid assassination run.  This was very effective as early on the charge lane opened up and Steve took it.  Slamming into Barnabas and using her feat to make every blow hit.  Barnabas went down with Sorscha's last attack, but the victory was short lived as Barnabas survived by a tough check.

Next turn after shrugging off stationary Barnabas clobbered Sorscha to death with a whirlwind of attacks.

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