Sunday, October 9, 2011

To Paint Or Not To Paint

I have finally finished painting my THUNDER HOG!  (Yes I know it's just a War Hog)

Thunder Hog!
I had spent a large amount of time converting him up and decided to spend a large amount of time painting him this past week.  It was intimidating to get started with him.  Though once I picked up the brush to just base coat the blue I couldn't put him down.  I really enjoyed picking vibrant colors to combine with the dark skin and grey hair of my army.  Not only is it aimed at being a center piece of my army but also some refreshing color to my dark paint scheme..

Back Shot
Lately in my miniature career I hadn't gone out of the box with conversions, elaborate basing or crazy paint jobs.  I used to love converting models, but I've always been the of type individual who focused on the game. I mainly focused on getting models painted, keeping them clean and trying to maintain some army continuity.  With the main focus on rules and synergy of the units I selected.
Left Side Shot
It was quite refreshing to get back to another part of the hobby. This project definitely showed me I shouldn't restrict myself to just the play style of units and the game. Lets not get confused here though, I'm not a changed man.  I still love playing the game and don't see it getting knocked off as my major preference.  I guess I'm just adding another layer to the hobby, one I had lost.

Right Side Shot
I do really enjoy the difficulties of the Minion faction and the creative sculpts the army offers.  This Journeyman league has been a great experience so far.

Lord Carver's Week 2 Army
I haven't been the only person busy painting this week. Here are some photo's of Nicole and Paul's great paint jobs they created this week.  Great job!

Nicole's Pirates!

Dougal MacNaile


Bloody Bradigan
Lord Rockbottom

Paul's Cryx Paint Jobs

Paul's Machine Wraiths

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