Friday, April 7, 2017


Still just getting back into things. Played a fun Vassal game with him so decided to get the real model painted up if I ever got the opportunity to play again.


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Convergence Battle Engine

I haven't played Warmachine in like 6+ months but I got the itching to paint and I always enjoyed painting this scheme. I figured I might as well add one more model to my Convergence collection.

Sunday, January 24, 2016


In preparation for LVO this year I needed to paint up some more Retribution models. Last time I had added to this army was back in 2013 and they have got some amazing new models/releases added to the faction.

The first model I knew I wanted to add to my Retribution was Imperatus. The model plays like a mini colossal. A solid beater with staying power is a rare option for Retribution and it being a character means it can only be in one list. I can see him very commonly making it into one of my two list pairings.

While I maintained the paint scheme of my old Retribution I did a couple color swaps on locations and spots to hopefully make him stand out differently. Instead of glossy black gems, the pink of the faction are his gems. I did a darker grey though I did highlight it a few times to hopefully make it pop. I also green stuffed a rock on his base that came out really well. Overall I am happy with him. I might in at some future date go back and do a few more extreme details, but I have lots of stuff to get ready for LVO.

Las Vegas Open: The Revitalizing of My Hobby

This is a draft I never finished, but felt like finishing my edit pass and posting since my blog has been so void of content lately. I'm going to add comments as I read this in italics.

I had the lucky opportunity to participate in the Las Vegas Open 2015. My expectations were quickly meet; as I hadn't played enough recently to expect to be competitive. I wanted a fun weekend with a good friend and the privilege to roll some dice versus some quality opponents. I signed up for the Friday team tournament and Saturday's steamroller. I only brought two lists and stuck with them throughout the weekend.

List 1:
Borka Kegslayer
-Pyg Keg Carrier
-Dire Troll Mauler
Fell Caller Hero
Fennblade Kithkar
Trollkin Champion Hero
Viktor Pendrake
Krielstone (full)
-Stone Scribe Elder
Trollkin Fennblades (full)
Trollkin Warders (full)
Trollkin Champions
-Skaldi Bonehammer

I loved this list. When I go back to trolls I plan on trying to tweak and improve upon it. One of the more enjoyable casters in the game to play.

List 2: Evolutionary Elementalism Tier 3
-Trollkin Runeshaper
-Pyre Troll
-Pyre Troll
-Slag Troll
-Storm Troll
-Winter Troll
Janissa Stonetide
Krielstone Bearer
Trollkin Runeshapers
Trollkin Runeshapers
Trollkin Warders (full)
Trollkin Warders (full)

Interesting how this wasn't my super comfortable list for the weekend. But EE blew up right after this when Jay won a tournament with his heavy slag variant. Obviously much different then my version. Which now is pretty defunct based on the new errata. Not to argue either way on errata but the warders  were in the list for the heavy hitting.

I don't have a great memory of the Friday games unfortunately. I'll just go over the highlights I can remember. I went 4 and 1 for the day.
  • Borka's feat suprises people that Trolls have a speed boost feat. Caught a few players by suprise with threat 11 warders and threat 10' 1/2" champions.
  • Most people don't even try to go after Borka via assassination, allowing me to play very aggressive with him.
  • I need to learn when there are good mosh pit opportunities. I usually use the fury to fill the stone and cast the rage animus.
  • I need to be a lot more aggressive with Borka vs. Haley2. Throw Borka at her with Ironflesh and surrounded by infantry, not try and out scenario her. Big fail moment when I lost against Jay from Chain Attack.
  • Calandra's list performed very well in the one match up I dropped it against. I wasn't positive what the list was a counter vs. just that I liked how it felt, very versatile. This is a constant theme into Saturday.

Saturday I was very happy with how my lists performed and had some great matches! I went 5-1 for the day.
  • Game 1: Was against a Convergence player who decided to drop Syntherion vs. me. I dropped my Borka list. Caught him by surprise with my feat and smashed into most of his army having taken little damage. Champions destroyed his colossal with a few rages thrown on them. Game ended relatively quickly.
  • Game 2: Bradigus tier list. I have never played vs. Bradigus and was caught off guard by a few tricks. Very interesting list. I dropped Borka again. In the future I should've dropped Calandra, I think it would've been a much better match up for me. I ended up getting out attritioned and lost. If I was forced into another Borka match up I would definitely make sure he can't feat and get to my Mauler, as the rage animus was key in the match up.
  • Game 3: I don't remember this game. Though I remember it was one of my Calandra matches.
  • Game 4: I went up vs. Rasheth tier list: Chain Gang. This was a real blood bath. I got alpha very hard by my opponent who executed it really well. Borka earned the MVP by taking 3 of the titans and 2 gators himself. Lessons learned:Stagger my infantry more so I can't lose too much to Bronzeback's beat back animus. The game ended in epic fashion as Rasheth fired off a nuke on my Keg Carrier who toughed allowing him to contest my opponent who ended with 4 control points instead of 5. The next turn Borka killed Rasheth with only the Keg Carrier and a Agonizer as the only other models on the table.
  • Game 5: I went up against Mike Puryear. I dropped Calandra and had a real slug fest vs his Harbinger  list. Most of the game was a slow slug fest of Mike trying to chew threw my Warders and beasts with Errants and Bastions. Runeshapers and Pyre trolls were the main MVPs. A special note was a fully loaded Reckoner charging a Lighting Troll and getting disrupted.
  • Game 6: I played vs. an Irusk. Borka absored - This looks like there I had stopped writing. I know I won this game due to his struggling vs. Troll armor.
While this title feels misleading it is true. I did paint and play a lot more trolls in the 2015 year. Very enjoyable time with the faction as opposed to last year. 2016 is going to be the year of Retribution for me. I usually pick a faction to focus on every year to prevent me from getting too distracted and actually get some painting done.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Time to remember why I keep quitting Trollbloods...

With my goal for Convergence complete I needed to paint something different. I've always loved painting trolls and wanted to pull them out for a few games. Hopefully this time around I'll get over Tough being a bad mechanic (future article) and just enjoy the hilarity that can ensue.

Here is what I've painted for the Calandra Elemental list.

I already had Calandra, Mountain King, Kriel Stone, a lightning troll, Janissa and some whelps painted up. The competive version is supposedly more Warders and no mountain king but this is what I currently own so I'll start there.

Calandra +5 (Tier Bonus is all beasts are 1 less point)
Mountain King 19
Pyre Troll 4
Pyre Troll 4
Slag Troll 5
Lightning Troll 4
Lightning Troll 4
Warders (5) 8
Kriel Stone (4) + Elder 4
Janissa 3

Hopefully I can get some games in and post a few battle reports. I imagine I'll grab some things to tweak the list after a few games. Let's see where this goes!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Finished My Convergence!

My long neglected blog, hello. It has been quite some time! Since I last posted I changed jobs, moved and am the proud father of a 9 month old daughter. I know enough of the excuses and on with the miniatures!

I have finally finished what I set out to do so long ago. I have at least 1 of every release painted by Convergence between the first Lock and Load they were released at, until one year later. Yes I should have done more updates of things coming out and tournaments, but when time constrains you something has to get cut. So the blog got the axe for the time being.

Well here is a long awaited update of which more are hopefully to come, but I make no promises!
This is my overall picture of my complete collection. I do have more to paint still but this encapsulates one of everything available for the faction at the least.

The complete list is:
Aurora, Numen of Aerogenesis
Axis, the Harmonic Enforcer
Father Lucant, Divinity Architect
Forge Master Syntherion
Iron Mother Directrix and Exponent Servitors

Assimilator                               5xClockwork Angels
2xCipher                                  Eradicators
2xConservator                         Obstructors
Corollary                                  2xOptiffex Directive
2xDiffuser                                 2xPerforators
5xGalvanizer                             2xRecipricators
2xInverter                                 2xReductors (full)
2xMitigator                              Transverse Enumberator
Modulator                                Accretion Servitors (3)
2xMonitor                                2xAlgorithmic Dispersion Optifex
Prime Axiom                            2xAttunement Servitors (3)   
2xEnigma Foundries                 3xReflex Servitors (9)
2xSteelsoul Protectors

 Here are some additional pictures. Was a bit harder getting it to focus correctly.
Right Side of the Large Army Picture

Left Side of the Large Army Picture
I did it! :) 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Building on the foundation - More Convergence

With Prime Axiom done I needed to have at least a unit of all the servitors painted so he can create whatever I needed that turn.

Did the basic paint job but this time it wasn't as rushed so they are a bit cleaner with a highlight added to the blue sections.
Next I wanted to work on another unit of angels as I want to get my Aurora tier list going. I had ordered some sweet Dragon Forge bases, even though they are super expensive I like adding a little variety to the army.

I decided to pin a flying angel to add some variety as well since the Aurora tier list is going to be 15 angels.

Pretty happy with the finished result. The paint scheme isn't very complicated with them, but I enjoy seeing the flying angel. If I was more patient I'd even be tempted to adjust the bent leg.