Thursday, October 6, 2011

New gaming table!

I am jubilant! I finally received my geek chic table. The wait was long ... very long.  Apparently they had a flu in office that added a few weeks, plus a few more ordeals.  When we had originally placed the order it was supposed to deliver a few months ago.  No point in focusing on the negatives though.  After my year plus wait It's here!
My emissary table

I ordered a pretty bare bones table in comparison to what you can get from them. The quality of the table amazed me.  A lot of solid pieces of wood, well framed, high quality, and lots of gaming flexibility.

Focusing on its gaming potential, it has an interior game space of 6x4 feet, which can easily be reduced down to a 4x4.  This allows me to play Unbound, standard Warmachine and even other games.

The acrylic topper allows me to use markers on it to block out objectives, terrain and whatever else might pop up as a necessity.

 I went with the basic white board interior instead of the bamboo. The table was already a bit excessive in the cost department for us so we avoided the frills.  We did get the coveted drink holders though!

We played a few games on it this week, and it is a very nice gaming table with extra room for casualties and cards.  Overall a very positive improvement to my previous table.  Since I can put down the wood boards and eat dinner on the table!

I'll need to pick up some different color felts for this weekend, but I can definitely give geek chic a recommendation as long as you don't mind the very long wait time.  You get a very nice product.

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