Sunday, October 16, 2011

Carver vs Moshar Battle Report

A quick nod goes out to Greg.  Good job Greg on getting his shifting stones all painted up!  They look fantastic and great conversions.  Go desert circle!
Carver vs. Moshar

We are on week 4 of our Journeyman league.  As such games slow down, painting speeds up, some people drop out, some people really kick it up.  I was luckily able to grab a game in on Saturday, and it was a very enjoyable one.

Turn 1 - Carver cast mobility and batten down the hatches then moved forward 8 inches.  The brigands moved forward and dug in.  Slaughterhousers ran too the hill followed by 2 gun boars directly behind them.  Targ moves up to support them and gets ready for herding if necessary.  War Hog (first game with Thunder Hog!) runs forward as Carver's body guard.  Also a quick note, the Druids won't be able to push him back as Carver is directly behind him.

Picture for some reason was really fuzzy.  Still gives off a sense of the current battlefield.
The mannikin's move up with a teleporting sentry stone.  Druids advance forward and spam some clouds.  As well as some reshifting.

Turn 2 - The Slaughterhousers run forward, followed by a barrage of attacks from the Gun Boars killing 2 Druids.  Brigands move up and land a shot dealing 7 damage to Moshar.

Circle retaliates by attacking with an Argus.  After some amazing tough rolls (3 passes) he kills nothing.  The Druids then fail to kill the knocked down model with a few attacks and kill off a Slaughterhouser.  The feral warpwolf manuvers over to the flank.  Looking to line up some sort of assassination run in the future.  Also drop down a pillar locking Caver in.

Turn 3 - Carver opens it up by casting Batten Down the Hatches and Mobility maneuvers around the pillar, pops his feat and crushes the pillar.  The Brigands do hog wild and fire then engage the druids killing off a few.  This is where the druids fail their leadership.  War Hog maneuvers over near the Gun Boars and casts Massacre onto the Gun Boar.  Who then charges the Warpwolf boosts to hit and does a 4 damage dice attack dealing nothing to the Warpwolf.  His next attack deals 7 damage to the Warpwolf.  I then charge with my Slaughterhousers only doing 1 full 3 inch charge onto the Warpwolf.  He lands the attack and rolls 5 damage dice!  Dealing 15 damage to the Warpwolf followed by the other Slaughterhouser finishing off the Warpwolf.

Argus on the flank maneuvers around to line up an attack on something in my rear battlefield, maybe Carver. Moshar then is teleported by the shifting stones and takes a spray attack and a spell attacking doing only a few damage.

Turn 4 - Slaughterhouser charges Moshar putting a few damage on him and killing an Argus from the transfer.  Followed up by a hit by a brigand for only a few more damage.  Then the Gun Boar charges into Moshar taking every fury to land the killing blow!

Mental note, circles movement shenanigans are really fun to do and really bizarre to face.  I think the biggest issues there were too many support tools in the Circle force and Carver turns everything into a killing force during the feat turn. I think as points grow larger Greg's Moshar force will grow more deadly.

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