Tuesday, May 29, 2012

MIA Explanation + What to look forward too!

I figured it's time to post something new as I'm way behind my self inflicted schedule of blog posts.

First the 2nd part of Kingdom Con that I was going to write was that I won Hardcore with MacBain while also getting Mage Hunter award. That was a very amusing weekend! The two other contenders for Vanquisher tied and knocked themselves out of contention.

2nd I moved finally and have a nice yard for my dogs. Since my life outside of gaming isn't the point of this blog that'll be it for that subject.

3rd I am opening up a Hobby Store. The store is Mercenary Market and is at 2263 Fairview Rd, Costa Mesa CA. The grand opening is June 15, 16 and 17th. We'll be hosting a Privateer Press tournament on the 16th. 50pt Steam Roller. We'll also be raffling off a Colossal that day. As it gets closer I'll do another full blog with pictures and everything.

4th I am leaving for Lock and Load in a few days! Very excited about having a nice weekend of gaming and relaxing in one of my favorite cities, Seattle. It'll be a little different this year as I'll have a lot more people going with me this year. I also want to make it more relaxing so I'm only scheduled for 2 of the tournaments. I'll be going with my Trollbloods and I have some very bizarre untested lists for the Masters Tournament which I look forward too.

I'll definitely be doing a full blog about my results, experiences and new stuff I see at Lock and Load as well. So keep tuned after this coming weekend I'll be blogging again about stuff I'm very excited about.