Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lather, Rinse and Repeat - Day 2 of Journeyman League

Saturday a group of people for the Journeyman League got together to play some more games.  Two of our players who haven't got games in yet showed up.  Here are a few brief battle reports plus a more detailed one of one of the more epic battles.

Bart vs. Denny

I didn't watch this game in heavy detail except for the ending.  At the end it only only Bart and a mariner vs. Denny.  Denny kept shadow binding the mariner.  Bart finally landed the killing blow after a couple back and forth rounds.  Denny's low mat made it hard for her to win out in a fight vs. Bart who has great melee stats at 15 def 16 armor.

Sorscha vs. Denny

I wasn't there at all for this game.  I was on a pizza run.  Sorscha won with a feat turn assassination run onto Denny with wind rush.

Carver vs. Sorscha

This game was actually really slow and boring so I'll keep it brief.  It was a shoot off, gun boars vs. destroyer. Once the gun boars showed they were going to win Sorscha started doing hit and runs with wind rush.  War hog got a charge off on the juggernaut removing it from the table and with some exceptional shooting I forced Sorscha to come to me.  She failed to kill the war hog by one and died to him on the following turn.

Bart vs. Sorscha

Turn 1 - Mercs

The jack's walked forward with Bart casting Batten Down the Hatches (BDH) and throwing Hot Shot onto the mariner. (Boosted damage rolls)

Turn 1 - Sorscha

Sorscha's battle group advanced under the protection of fog of war.

Turn 2 - Mercs

Bart upkept Hot Shot.  The buccaneer moved forward and attempted to net the destroyer, but fail short.  The freebooter walked up to be able to counter charge anyone who attacked the buccaneer.  Mariner stayed where it was taking an aiming bonus against the destroyer.  The shot hit but did no damage.  Bart broadsided to get another shot out of the mariner and popped his feat(she realizes this was a mistake in hindsight).

Turn 2 - Khador

Sorscha upkept fog of war. The destroyer opened the turn by firing and removing the net arm off of the buccaneer. The juggernaut moved forward in front of Sorscha who then cast wind rush to go up to defense 18.

Turn 3 - Mercs

Bart upkept hot shot.  The buccaneer ran in between the juggernaut and the destroyer locking both into combat and taking a wild pow 10 attack at the destroyer.  The freebooter moved to block a charge lane to Bart.  The mariner fired at the juggernaut doing minimal damage.  Bart then cast BDH.

Turn 3 - Khador

Fog of war finally dropped.  Sorscha casted boundless charge onto the juggernaut, wind rush onto sorscha and then feated and caught all of Bart's battle group in the feat. The destroyer shot the mariner and splashed damage onto Bart, though only doing minimal damage to both. Juggernaut charged the freebooter and was just barely out of charge range.

Turn 4 - Mercs

Bart spent 3 focus to shrug off stationary on everyone except the buccaneer.  Spent another focus to upkeep hot shot. Bart moved up, then the mariner moved up into base to base with Bart  and fired off a shot into the juggernaut missing.  The freebooter stepped up to the juggernaut hit twice doing minimal damage then landed a 2handed throw, but lost in the strength test vs. the juggernaut.

Turn 4 - Khador

Sorscha kept all of her focus.  Sorscha cast wind rush then proceeded to charge Bart. Sorscha did 6 points of damage to Bart and sat on 1 focus.  Never count out Sorscha though, defense 18 is hard to crack. The destroyer fired at the mariner doing 2 more points of damage to Bart and some damage to the mariner but no systems were crippled for Barts battle group yet. The juggernaut moved up and smashed into the freebooter, but spread out the damage so no systems were crippled.

Turn 5 - Mercs

This turn the game got really  quirky.  3 focus went to the freebooter and Bart sat on 3.  The mariner swung at Sorscha missing. Bart moved up boosted to hit and missed and then decided to camp the last two focus. The freebooter successfully hit both initials on the juggernaut doing only minimal damage, and with the grab and smash rule took a 2handed throw attempt again. This time succeeding and targeting Sorscha with her own juggernaut. The attack missed scattering directly into the middle of Sorscha, Bart, and the mariner.  Moving the smaller casters.  Bart didn't get knocked down due to being moved into base to base with the mariner who has the lash rule.  This knocked down Sorscha and the juggernaut, the juggernaut didn't have any crippled systems. The buccaneer moved up and engaged the destroyer.

Turn 5 - Khador

Sorscha paid to stand herself up leaving her with 5 focus.  Sorscha with reach bought and boosted two unsuccessful attacks.  The third attack connected putting Bart down to four health! The juggernaut stood up forfeiting his movement.  Took a swing with his axe missing and then took a swing with the fist connecting!  Though the damage roll didn't go in Khador's favor only doing 2 damage to Bart leaving him at 2 hit points! The destroyer took a freestrike from the buccaneer doing nothing and fired at the mariner hoping to splash damage onto Bart.  The attack missed and scattered onto Sorscha, mariner, and juggernaut doing 1 point to Sorscha leaving her at 4 hit points!

Turn 6 - Mercs

Bart allocated 3 focus to the freebooter, 1 to the mariner and left 2 on Bart.  The freebooter moved up with a backstrike swung on Sorscha with a boost needed an 8 and missed.  The second attack found its mark and with a boosted damage roll of 1 .... 1 ... then a 5.  Doing enough damage and ending the game!  The craziest game I've seen yet in our Journeyman League.

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  1. awesome that you're posting the progress of your league. Enjoyed reading all the batreps and really amazed still that even a small game can be so exciting and dramatic. Can't wait for our Journeyman to get started!