Sunday, September 25, 2011

Battle Reports

I've tried writing battle reports in multiple different ways so far. I have found a few different things about them so far. The rigid turn by turn can be fun and seems fitting for tournament level games.   The short synposis work fine when doing a quick recap of battle box games.  Casual games seem to have an effective hybrid, using turn by turn but also just covering the highlights instead of heavy detail.

Another detail about battle reports that I enjoy is remembering the games. Thinking about the key moments, the ups and the downs and recapping the major high lights of the battle.

When I get lucky enough to write up a report with the person I played against the back and forth is also a very enjoyable experience.  The banter, the smack talking and the laughing about a bad dice roll.

Overall its a quick recap about why I love miniatures, this game and hanging out with friends.  And on that note a short battle report of the game I got in today.

Bart vs. Carver

This battle was another bloody holds no bar slug fest.  As we both get more comfortable with our new found Warlock/Warcasters we start to develop synergies with the spells and warbeasts.  This truly showed itself today.

Bart went first casting hot shot on the mariner and advancing the army forward.  Carver followed suit with mobility and batten down the hatches and moved forward.

Bart fired off the first barrage with the mariner hitting a gun boar but failing to break the palpable 20 armor of the gun boar under the affects of batten down the hatches. This turn Bart put up batten down the hatches as well.

The gun boars fired back doing only a few damage points to Barts army and this transpired back and forth a few turns while the war hog moved up.

The freebooter charged the war hog did minimal damage and failed to 2handed throw.  The war hog retaliated by brutalizing the freebooter, but with batten down the hatches he survived with every system intact except it's cortex.  Without its cortex the freebooter landed both inital attacks doing paltry damage to the war hog.  Then it's time to shine came with a grab and smash 2 handed throw launching the war hog a mighty 8 1/2 inches due to a good scatter away from Carver taking him out of batten down the hatches range.

Bart capitalized on this by spraying twice and mariner firing twice due to broadsides taking the war hog off the table.

Carver retaliated by popping his feat and charging hte freebooter destroying it.  The gun boars charged into the mariner hoping for some solid hits and falling short on scarpping it but putting it in a very damaged state.

Few more turns of dancing between the gun boars and the mariner was ended by carver charging into the mariner after one of the gun boars was bludgeoned to death by its mighty anchor.

Bart not in position to charge carver, without reach and a way to gain pathfinder, angled himself a few sprays before Carver could get a charge off.  Failing to land the critical charge attack Carver bought another attack landed it and boosted putting Bart at 4!

Bart deciding it was time to end the battle clobbered Carver with his initial attack for 11 points of damage!  Nicole has quickly learned the capabilities of her new warcaster and knows how to capitalize on its strengths.

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