Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bartolo Montador vs. Moshar, The Desert Walker

First battle report written with my tablet while watching.  Made watching much more entertaining.

First the list break down.

Doc Killingsworth
Bloody Bradigan
Full Sea Dogs with Mr. Walls
Lord Rock Bottom

2x Argus
Feral Warpwolf
Full unit of Wolves of Oboros + UA
Shifting stones
Sentry Stone
Wolf Lord Morraig

Turn 1 - is relatively uneventful.  Circle moved forward followed by pirates moving up poping Dougal's mini feat and killing 5 Wolves of Oboros with an aoe blast.

Turn 2 -  Dougal pulled out his quad iron killing 3 wolves of Oboros, Rockbottom killed 1 and Mariner picked off the UA.

Turn 3 - Mannikins charge forward to force Bloody Bradigan to take a tough which he passes due to Doc.  The 2 remaining wolves of oboros killed off Lord Rockbottom. Then Moshar teleports killing off his ssecond to last Wolf of Oboros to land a large spray onto the Sea Dogs.  Three sea dogs are forced to take tough checks which they pass.   Then Moshar throws out a crevase to hopefully force another spray into the sea dog unit!  It kills its target and forces 3 more tough checks which she fails 1 more.  That's 6 passed tough checks this turn so far.

Turn 4 - Bradigan starts off by removing 2 Mannikins. Dougal then aims and fires at the argus with the quad iron hitting four times doing 18 damage to the beast! The sea dogs then stand up the knocked down models and position for a round of pistol shooting firing into the argus and shifting stones near by. Though it was a glorious display of gun powder nothing was harmed.  Then the mariner followed up by removing the argugs and splashing 2 damage into the Dragoon. Then the freebooter kills off the Sentry Stone.  Bart then fires off a spray and feats.

The circle player then teleports Dragoon into Bart who needs a 10 to hit and misses.  Then moves up with Moshar and buffs the Feral.

Turn 5 - Bradigan moves up and attacks the Dragoon preping him for the Buccaneer to follow and kill the mounted version of the Dragoon. The sea dogs charge into the shifting stones killing two of them off. Doc takes a wild poisoned dagger throw at an argus missing, good effort Doc! Dougal then opens fire and blasts an Argus for 6 damage. The Mariner then fired into the Feral Warpwolf doing 3 damage.  The blast hit Moshar doing 5 damage to him which he transfered to the Warpwolf. The freebooter then walks up to the Argus needing a 9 to hit with no boosts then did 10 damage to the Argus.

Turn 6 - The circle then moves up with feral throwing the freebooter into another jack clearing the range for the Argus to charge Bart. The Argus then charges Bart eating a freestrike from a Sea Dog who lands a hit needing an 8 doing 1 point damage to the spirit blowing it out.  The Argus missing his pow 16 charge attack into Bart.

Dougal opens up the turn firing his quad iron into Moshar hitting all four times! Destroying him with his Quad Iron.
Great game to watch!

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