Sunday, November 20, 2011

Three Posts in One

Took a short break, but I'm back

Running the journeyman league was a lot of fun but also caused me to grow tired of playing constantly.  The spell didn't last long and I'm craving to play once again! Another issue I think that killed my drive was the Farrow Faction though beautiful models with hilarious puns and all be it effective models doesn't give me enough options to suit my tastes.

The painted farrow at the end of the Journeyman League
The Thunder Hog and the piggies are being benched for one of my old favorites. I'll be going back to Circle for at least 7 months.  I plan on focusing on them practicing up to get familiar and comfortable enough to take them to Lock and Load.

I also can blame the slowness of blogs to a bit of fever I caught recently.  Though the fever isn't of the medical nature. It is more of the cardboard nature, the Magic The Gathering fever and though I find it very enjoyable I have curtailed it's advances on my gaming health and have resumed it's normal course.

The end of the Journeyman League!

The journeyman league was very successful.  Lots of models got painted, lots of games got played and it recruited a few new players to the group.  Which I personally consider the biggest bonus.

Greg's creative and bizarrely painted shifting stones and mannikin's
The Journeyman winner went to Paul one of our Cryx players.  He snuck in at the last minute with 20 points painted in the final week. Fantastic job Paul!

I won the Destroyer award, with Nicole winning the creator award. Fantastic job!

Creator goes to Nicole for her beautifully painted pirates
Back into Circle!

As I've started writing up my Circle lists and enjoyed the newer releases in Domination I picked up and dusted off the old models.  Built some of my more recent purchases and painted up a unit of Stoneward and Woldstalkers as well as the UA for my shifting stones.

My plan to get ready for Lock and Load is to lock in which warlocks I'll be practicing, so I aim to narrow it down to roughly 4, then 3 as we get closer to the event. The best way I see doing this is playing a few games with every warlock to get a feel for them again. I also need to look at the weaknesses of casters and try to pick warlocks that can be an answer for each other's weaknesses.

So far I've played both the Baldur's (pBaldur is still my personal favorite), pKrueger and Grayle. With Christmas coming up the next game will probably be in a few weeks. I'm looking at taking pKaya and Cassius next, if I can ever figure out the list I would take with him.

Caster Stats since I've come back:

pBaldur 2-0 - He is such an amazing tool box hard to really argue with him. My first warlock that I have probably over 100 games with. He's almost a certain lock for getting into the top 4.

eBaldur 1-1 - I really like him, he lets you play an attrition battle which I find interesting.

pKrueger 0-2 - One really close game vs Harbinger(only the Harbinger was left on the table) and one stomping by Rasheth. I have learned he is amazing at removing infantry and spell assassination runs on casters with weak stats. Depending on how my warlocks are looking if I need a hard counter vs infantry spam he might make the list. I do think he'll need Ghetorix to help counter his lack of armor punch.
*side note: Rasheth strength vacuum lists are nasty!

Grayle 2-0 - I really think he brings a very fast and aggressive style. I also realize that errants cancel everything his army tries to do. He definitely has the potential to make one of my lists thought he would probably be competing with eKaya for a spot.

I hope everyone has a good holiday and I suspect my blog will get a lot busier once everything settles. Lots of theory crafting and table top testing ahead!

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