Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tuesday night gaming vs. Khador with a splash of Skorne

Had two fun games tonight.

Carver vs. pMorghoul.

First game was a quick battle box game.   Carver drew the first blood removing a Savage.  This quickly turned bad as he countered heavily by killing off my War Hog.  My back plan was to  pop my feat with weapon master gun boars and kill his Gladiator.  This never came to be as he popped his feat and stopped me from being able to force my beasts.

As I realized I was in serious trouble I knew I had to get aggressive. I popped my feat charged Morghoul and missed the charge attack needing a 10 with a boosted attack. Followed up with a hit doing 14 damage to his Gladiator from the transfer, then landed 11 damage onto Morghoul.  That was my turn.
Carver's battle box

I was in a weird spot, his beats were tied in with the Gun Boars and Morghoul had pow 9 attacks vs. Carver's 17 armor.  Adam (the skorne player) proceeded to roll exceptionally well with 2 16's and a 14 for damage. Doing a ton of damage to carver but not sealing the deal.  The gladiator walks away from both gun boars eating two free strikes.  Which did a whooping 2 damage to him.  Then boosted an attack with his mind blown giving him 2 dice to hit needing 9's.  He lands his first attack killing carver!  Adam walked away with his first hordes game triumphantly!

Now for the main event.

Dr. Arkadias vs. Karchev

I love Arkadias vs. Khador players.  I find it a great match up if you can position your feat well. I won the first turn due to my +1 from Arkadias's tier bonus.  I decided to go first and rushed forward to take advantage of the terrain and force him to come to my chokes.

Karchev pushed his threat range advantage a little too far and failed a Drago charge onto my War Hog.  He removed my gun boar from play and threatened me with  a Berserker on the other flank.  My War Hogs including the feat turn removed 2 Berserkers, the Slaugtherhousers removed the other one on the flank.  Finally my last War Hog killed a few Iron Fang Pikemen.
Battlefield after the hog''s ate Karchev's berserkers

Karchev now without warjacks had little options left.  Tried to get some bombard's plus sprays on Arkadius to no avail.  Next turn two aggression dialed War Hogs did the final points to Karchev for victory.

Overall a fun night of gaming.

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