Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day of the Pig!

With the new Journeyman League rules I have decided to start a new faction, Minions.  Even more specifically I will be targeting the Farrow pigs.  Truth be told my wife already owns a nice collection of gators I can use if I find necessary.

I picked up a nice assortment of piggies to try out.  I even took a list to a local steam roller rocking Dr. Arkadius and Barnabas (much simpler caster).  I did fairly well considering I had only played one of the lists once before the event and placed second over all.  Here is a quick write up of the event.  Normally battle reports will have pictures and more details.  Though this will be covering 4 games and is a few weeks old in my memory.

The lists were...

Dr. Arkadius
  -Gun Boar
  -War Hog
  -War Hog
  -War Hog
4 Farrow Bone Grinders
6 Farrow Brigands
6 Farrow Slaughterhousers

Bloody Barnabas
  -Blackhide Wrastler
  -Bull Snapper
  -Ironback Spitter
  -Ironback Spitter
5 Gatorman Posse

First Game
Arkadius vs. an eIrusk and claimed the game with a tiebreaker when dice down was called.

Second Game
Bloody Barnabas vs. Vyros.  This game I won through scenario claiming 3 control points.  Barnabas's feat really helped this game letting me destroy 9 Invictors, a Phoenix, Hydra and 3 Sentinels in one turn.

Third Game
Bloody Barnabas vs. Siege.  This game was almost decided by the fact he had two shooty lists and no experience vs swamp pit.  This match up would be a game for me to lose, and I almost did!  I misread swamp pit and on the second turn misused it.  Allowing him a solid siege feat turn into my army.  Luckily for me I had sat on 2 transfers and had already killed the black thirteenth + some trenchers.  I was able to weather through that turn of shooting and assassinate Siege.

Fourth Game
Bloody Barnabas vs. Rhyas.  This game was really odd from the get go.  We fought for position a bit then the gatormen posse charged into warmongers.  Surprisingly only killing one warmonger.  The battle ebbed back and forth trading models.  It came down to the Ironback Spitter trying to two handed throw the Carnivean out of the circle to claim the last control point and win.  I rolled two 2's, and Legion player rolled a 4.  As a last desperate act Barnabas charged Rhyas needing 9's to hit and rolled 3 sets of 8's.  At this point I knew the game was lost and said I was done.  Legion player aptly removed the final models from the control point and ended the game 2 control points to 1.

Was a very fun event to be apart of and had some great games.

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