Saturday, September 24, 2011

Journeyman League Starts!

Our journeyman league started today!  I love teaching new players how to play.  We got a few new players to try out armies and have some fun first time experiences.

Our Journeyman League consists of almost every faction which makes me very excited!

The list of factions and points currently earned...

Legion                                  2pts
Merc - Pirates                      5pts
Minions - Thornfall               6pts
Minions - Blindwater            4pts
Circle                                    6pts
Skorne                                  3pts

My first two games, which are mangled metal battle box games for people who don't know, were Blindwater and Mercs.

Bloody Barnabas vs. Lord Carver

Right before Carver charged Barnabas to seal the deal.
First round was me reshifting my army across the battlefield as the gators deployed on the opposite side near the lake.  While the gator player advanced (his second game of Warmachine!), we went over a lot of the basics while I tried to remember all the important details and rules Lucas needed to know.

Second round was a barrage of gun boars vs. the spitter ranged attacks.  I missed both my shots on the Iron Flesh wrastler and he landed a hit with the spitter on the boar tagging both with the corrosion.

Third round I fired both gun boars into Barnabas getting him to use his two transfers.  I then went with Lord Carver popped my feat (making him a weapon master), cast mobility (taking care of the swamp pit) and charged Barnabas.  The first hit landed a devastating blow of 34 damage putting Barnabas at 1 hit point.  I then bought another attack and finished the job, even though the attack only did a few damage.

Funny part is, things would've got really tricky if he had passed his tough roll.

Bartolo Montador vs. Lord Carver

This game was very amusing.  Though Montador and Carver's feats are very different the armies player very similar.  Both having batten down the hatches(BDH), with hindsight I think the edge went in my favor with BDH countering the knock down portion of his feat.

First few rounds were Gun Boars firing into the mariner while the Mariner fired back into a gun boar.  I landed a devastating blow early on with a 15 damage roll on dice.  Though the gun was the one system that stayed in tact.

The buccaneer moved up and tied up the gun boars.  Another shot from the mariner into my warhog, who then got charged by the freebooter.  The freebooter was played very well and did some damage to my warhog then tossed the war hog out of my warlocks control range.  Effectively allowing it to be knocked down even though BDH was up and did some serious damage as it got thrown into a wall.

The next turn I had to use Carver to destroy the buccaneer, and fired off another shot at the Mariner.  Since the war hog was out of my control area I couldn't stand him up in the maintenance phase so I just stood up and moved back into the control area.

Montador repeated the tactic and moved up pounded on the war hog with a few hits and tried to throw the hog again.  Luckily for me I was able to win the strength  test 1 dice vs. 2.  This was game altering, allowing me to destroy the healthy freebooter with my war hog as it only had 5 damage boxes left.  This was then followed up with some gun boars firing into the mariner making it a wreck marker.

Montador now standing alone takes advantage of the wreck markers around him for cover and sprays into my gun boar, but his 20 armor (thank you BDH) blocked the majority of the attack.  I moved up with Carver popped my feat and cast mobility.  Both gun boars knowing they won't hit Bart with +4 def charge.  The first attack lands, I pick up my four dice to roll damage very excited!  Bart sitting on 4 focus points gets ready to take a brutal attack.  The dice roll ... 1 ... 1 ... 3 ... 3.  I looked at the dice amazed, I've done no damage.  The next attack swings, connects, and does 3 points of damage to Bart.  The next boar goes, misses his charge attack, lands his second attack and does 1 or 2 more points of damage to Bart.  I definitely thought I had the game in the bag on that turn.

Bart activates, slaugthers the damaged gun boar collecting a blood quencher token (+1 str + 1 armor) and takes overtake to move an inch farther from Carver.  

Carver casts mobility and charges Bart. I land the charge attack and put Bart to 5 hit points.  Carver then missed his next attack.  At this point I start to sweat, I know if I missed the next attack or even connect but Bart makes his tough check I'll be in a world of pain.  I land the blow and finish off his hit points.  My opponent (who happens to be my wife) picks up the dice knowing if she could roll a 5 or 6 the game was in the bag.  Stares me in the eye and rolls the die.  It comes up a 4.

I must give the MVP too Batten Down the Hatches.  That spell is amazing, even more so vs. the match ups I had today.  Barnabas and Bart both have knockdown feats and the buccaneer couldn't throw his net on me all game.

Very close game and very enjoyable.

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