Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pureblood Warpwolf - A test of painting shading

My major test for this model was to try and paint the shading instead of creating it with washes. My major motivation behind this was I rely too heavily on games workshop washes for most of my painting and wanted to break out of the box.

To start I base coated it with Khemri brown(gw foundation). Then mixed thorwnwood green (pp) to Khemri brown to create a shading color. Once I applied the shading I went through and highlighted it with Khemri brown and bleached bone. Applying a little more bleached bone for a few layers. The trick to prevent too many brush strokes from showing is to keep the paint wet on the model while you highlight. Once I got the skin where I got the highlights where I liked them I did another layer of shading. This one was a lot more subtle. 

Overall I really enjoy the hand painted shading technique. Typically in the past I had just highlighted up from a dark base color. So starting with a medium color and creating a shade and a highlight I feel like I have more control over all with the look. Though I do find it more time consuming.

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