Sunday, February 26, 2012

Troll Battle Wagon

I received a great gift Wednesday from my good friend Steve. He purchased me the troll battle wagon. I've been on a circle kick for awhile and felt very successful in the painting depeartment with them. When I got the Battle Wagon I struggled with the concept of moving on to Trolls again.  But my hobby ADHD kickes in. I cracked this amazing model out in 4 days. I normally don't have that much drive but I knew I wanted to paint the crew separate from the wagon and I don't like playing with incomplete models and above all I really wanted to place 5 inch pie templates that knock everything down.
My first game with the battle wagon was vs. a good friend of mine Roman. Roman brought a very nasty Vyros list that included 2 mage hunter assassins. My first shot of the game being the first  time I've ever used the wagon I got a lucky scatter onto both of them and blew them to pieces. After that beautiful display I am now left wondering if I have a new favorite model in Warmahordes.

Troll Battle Wagon Photo's
I really enjoy the look of the battle wagon, the crew have great character and the impressive cannon on top is very cool too see on the table top.

As with most of my painting I tried something new on this model. I decided to try and rust out the metal. The results worked out really well and I was quite happy with the ease in which my idea which was a variation on the technique Steve uses worked well. 
  1. I simply applied a coat of cold steel, washed it with devlun mudd. 
  2. Then applied a stippling of mecharius orange then washed it was devlun mudd again.
  3. Then I stippled vermin brown onto the mecharius orange following it up with an ogryn wash.

Get ready for some pain!

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