Sunday, January 8, 2012

Stalker - painted and opinions

My opinions of the stalker.

As I've been playing lots of games of Circle of Orboros lately doing my Warlock Rumble(playing every warlock twice to understand the faction better). I've found what I consider amazing in Circle.  This isn't some amazing insight that other players aren't aware of, but the Stalker is a really high quality Warbeast.

To go over him really quickly. He has reach pow16 attack and a claw attack. Some amazing warpings in strength, prowl and berserk. Allowing him to hit hard enough to threaten heavies, great infantry clearing capabilities in berserk and prowl which lets him get up field without the worry of shooting. They are effectively a complete tool box of destruction. I still stand by the most simply powerful ability in the game being reach. It is incredibly powerful. I should probably write a blog about reach in general at some point.

His biggest con is that he's a 10 point beast with only 25 boxes at armor 17. Yes defense 14 will allow him to survive non elite units, but still dies fairly quickly if your opponent knows what he is doing.

Now for painting!

Stalker Front
For my paint scheme I started with the skin using codex grey + thornwood green mixture then slowly added more and more codex grey then started to add some Menoth white base. Got about 7 very thin layers onto his skin. I used the chuck norris of washes with Devlan Mud but very watered down to paint the model and bring down the brightness. I went through and shaded it with thornwood green.

I then went through and did a very simple cold steel base coat on all the silver metal locations. I proceeded to wash it with Ogryn wash, then high lighted with cold steel, then a tiny highlight of mithril.

The bronze armor was a base coat of dwarven bronze. I gave it a highlight of shinning gold, washed it with Ogryn wash then highlighted it again with shinning gold. This last highlight is only on key locations.

Stalker Back
The claws are a base of charadon granite + beast hide then you add dheneb stone slowly as you add highlights until you get the brightness level you wanted.

The fur was very simple with beast hide then devlan mud washed then dry brushed with beast hide again.

The hood is painted with bootstrap leather highlighted up with bootstrap + beast hide. Then washed it again with devlan mud.

The basing is simple umbral brown, dry brushed with vermin brown (which gives a wet earth feel which I love) and static grass.

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