Sunday, January 24, 2016


In preparation for LVO this year I needed to paint up some more Retribution models. Last time I had added to this army was back in 2013 and they have got some amazing new models/releases added to the faction.

The first model I knew I wanted to add to my Retribution was Imperatus. The model plays like a mini colossal. A solid beater with staying power is a rare option for Retribution and it being a character means it can only be in one list. I can see him very commonly making it into one of my two list pairings.

While I maintained the paint scheme of my old Retribution I did a couple color swaps on locations and spots to hopefully make him stand out differently. Instead of glossy black gems, the pink of the faction are his gems. I did a darker grey though I did highlight it a few times to hopefully make it pop. I also green stuffed a rock on his base that came out really well. Overall I am happy with him. I might in at some future date go back and do a few more extreme details, but I have lots of stuff to get ready for LVO.

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