Monday, April 16, 2012

Kingdom Con Part: 1 Team Tournament

I just got back from Kingdom con and I figured I should write some of this down. I really enjoyed Kingdom con this year. I got a hotel this time around and wanted to make it more then a one day event and really had a lot more fun with it then last year.    This post is going to be about the team tournament I participated in with Greg.

The Format
  • The tournament is 50 points for both players, so that gives us 25 points a piece.
  • 10 minute rounds
  • Steam roller 2012 scenarios
The Lists

I brought the Mercenaries. The main goal of this list is heavy support/shooting which is polar opposite of Greg's. Also the feat is heavy damage denial which doubles up on Thagrosh1's damage denial.

Fiona the Black (*6pts)
* Mariner (8pts)
* Mariner (8pts)
Long Gunner Infantry (Leader and 9 Grunts) (10pts)
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution (3pts)
Master Gunner Dougal MacNaile (2pts)

Greg brought Thagrosh1 with heavy beasts. Legion has very heavy hitting beasts and with Thagrosh1 they get very hard to kill very quickly.

Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight (*5pts)
* Angelius (9pts)
* Carnivean (11pts)
* Scythean (9pts)
Blighted Nyss Shepherd (1pts)

The combination of -2 strength, +2 armor animus, a feat of complete denial (-1 dice on everything!), and if they actually kill a beast he just brings it back.

Overall one of our strongest benefits was our opponents have no clue how our army synergies.


I'm way too tired to go into heavy details. So every round is just going to have it's major bullet points.

Round 1 vs. Denny2/Saeryn
  • Long Gunners with Nonokrion Brand blasted Denny2 off the table on turn 2.
  • Saeryn uses his feat + all the bane thralls/knights make the game go a lot longer then we expected.
  • Scythean all stars all of the bane thralls tough
  • Skarlock kills the shepherd! (didn't really matter but was amusing)
  • Finally we assassinate Saeryn with Legion beasts.
Round 2 vs. Barnabas/Ossyan
  • Long gunners blast 2 gators off the table with Iron flesh
  • Scythean honey badgers into the retribution army tearing down Banshee on turn 2.
  • Angelius flails against Phoenix failing miserably
  • Barnabus feats + Ossyan feats and they almost kill Thagrosh putting him around 4 points. Only survives because Fiona had feated turn before.
  • Greg forgets to heal his Scythean right next too Ossyan - fail turn, enough said.
  • Fiona dies after 2 turtle shots + a spell from Barnabus. Luckily it puts Barnabus in charge range of the carnivean.
  • Greg redeems himself. Angelius repulses stuff off the carnivean. Carnivean charges and destroys Barnabus.
  • Thagrosh1 charges and eats Ossyan

Round 3 vs. Denny1/Sorscha2
  • This was absolutely brutal.
  • We hid in the corner forcing them to us while long gunners destroyed Nyss Hunters and Great Bears.
  • War witch siren locks down Carnivean for 6 rounds with shadow bound. The game went 9 rounds.
  • eEyriss shoots the angelius to strip off Denny's crippling grasp. Letting Angelius to charge and destroy nightmare.
  • Beast 09 and widowmakers destroy the mariners/long gunners
  • Fiona survives 2 turns of windowmakers/kayazy's then finally dies to Sorscha 2 melee assassination.
  • Carnivean then eats Sorscha 2 (yes Fiona was bait.... again)
  • Finally Thagrosh fights off Kayazy while Scythean and Carnivean chase around Denegra finally killing her.
Greg and I walk away victorious! We had 180 battle points with the next closest team around 120 battle points so they gave us the victory. Was a lot of very hard fought battles with nasty double feats. Great fun!
Later that night...
  • We decided to play another game vs. the other team who was undefeated. 
  • Mortenebra and Karchev. The tow of Deathjack and Beast 09 was brutal. They kill an angelius. 
  • We then feat bring back the angelius and counter punch their face off. 
  • Long gunners took care of winter guard.
  • They surrender early.

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