Monday, June 10, 2013

Prime Axiom Prep

This model is a beast with 58 out individual parts if I counted correctly. So the first night I spent just cleaning the pieces. I went through and scrapped all the mold lines off, soaked the resin pieces in soapy water to prepare for the building phase I did tonight.

Tonight I grabbed all my clean pieces (now fully dry) and proceeded to build it in pieces. The reason I like to do this is see where I can build it in the largest pieces possible without getting in the way of painting.

Some of these pieces were extraordinarily small. I appreciate the amount of detail, but wonder if they would've been missed if left off?

With the base built I felt I had a good starting point for painting. So I decided to build the main torso next. Though I did put a pin here to secure the model a little further.

With the bottom done and pin ready I built the main body and connected them for the photo. Starting to look cool.

All my pieces are now primed and ready to get some final black touches before my real painting begins!

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