Friday, June 21, 2013

Building on the foundation - More Convergence

With Prime Axiom done I needed to have at least a unit of all the servitors painted so he can create whatever I needed that turn.

Did the basic paint job but this time it wasn't as rushed so they are a bit cleaner with a highlight added to the blue sections.
Next I wanted to work on another unit of angels as I want to get my Aurora tier list going. I had ordered some sweet Dragon Forge bases, even though they are super expensive I like adding a little variety to the army.

I decided to pin a flying angel to add some variety as well since the Aurora tier list is going to be 15 angels.

Pretty happy with the finished result. The paint scheme isn't very complicated with them, but I enjoy seeing the flying angel. If I was more patient I'd even be tempted to adjust the bent leg.

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