Sunday, June 16, 2013

Prime Axiom Finished!

I was really excited to get the Prime Axiom on the table and play with it. The biggest problem with this was the fact the model would paint better in pieces. So I was forced to paint it before I could play with it. I couldn't imagine trying to get around some pieces and get to some of the interiors.

Step 1. Paint my gold scheme on all the pieces. If you want the formula it's on my Convergence at Lock and Load post.

Step 2: Find where I could break up the gold with accents of silver.

Step 3: Was to make sure the silver clicked together so I would test the pieces together.

Step 4: Once I tested the pieces and was happy with the results of the silver I started painting my blue. Though unlock my other pieces I did 3 levels of highlighting for now. I still want to go back and hit the back coils and some of the larger spots with more blending.

Step 5: Not ignore the bored bulldog watching me paint!

 Step 6: Assemble the model and start figuring out how I plan on getting him on the base.
Step 7: Actually paint the base.

Step 8: Set 3 pins in the base and drill holes in the feet of the Axiom. This is where the most painful part of the experience was. When you spend sometime with a speed 10 dremel high gauge bit drilling metal holes. Don't touch the metal! Though this picture doesn't show it, he is floating and even though I was very skeptical about it being stable it came out very well in my opinion.

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