Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wrath/Domination Event!

Going to do this post a little differently then my past one's. I'm going to mainly leave the space for pictures and leave writing to a minimum. Though I'll help the story arc with captions. Though overall I played 6 games in 6 hours and had a blast. Found both the scenarios really should've been tested further and were very open to exploitation. Since it is a one off event that isn't competitive it didn't ruin my fun at all. The players were a real joy and no weird rules disputes or unclean play to be seen from my opponents. Overall I had a blast! Now to the pictures.
Khador and Cryx set up for battle in there first game!

Two entertaining lists battle out in the Domination scenario.

Trollbloods go up against one of our 3 Legion players, the most played faction that day.

pStryker vs. Kaleyssa - wow Jay had spent some serious time on figuring out how to 2 turn win this one. :P

Barnabus charges across the no mans land into incoming Legion forces!

This is me pondering if I could kill Mortenebra with only electro leaps. Go double strider lists!

Rhyas is moments from decapitating poor Sorscha with a 26 damage after armor roll!

Mike's awesome painted Legion.

Constance slams into the Trollbloods!

Look at the Thunder pig on the left and ignore Stryker being eaten on the right!

This is me finally being fed up with losing with pStryker and cheesing the scenario for a win on turn 3.

Merc's being lead by our Press Ganger Doug.

Few dice down games at the end of the day.

Awesome paint job by Steve. Such an amazing tongue! Keep staring until you get it.

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