Monday, March 26, 2012

My complete collection of WARMACHINE/HORDES

I'm moving soon to a new place still in Orange County and decided to spend a day reorganizing all of my models. Thought it would be fun to get it all together and take a picture.

Close up of minions

Close up of Circle

Close up of Skorne and Retribution - Nicole's forces

Close up of Mercs

Close up of Cygnar - cut off some Rangers and Kraye

Close up of Trolbloods
This showed me two things.

  1. I'm crazy.
  2. I have lots of painting to do.

1 comment:

  1. The general law of the sacred fortnight: 'Never buy more than you can paint in two weeks of disciplined effort' prevents the sea of white metal from taking shape!

    One transgressions leads to another. It builds, it builds, it builds. And the more it builds, the harder it is to make a start on it.

    To not observe the law of the sacred fortnight is to face the greatest paradox known to Man, a uniquely modern paradox. Man has more than Man can ever want, and yet Man has not time to appreciate the gifts of Man.