Wednesday, May 8, 2013

First Convergence Battle

My first battle with Convergence of Cyriss is a 25 point battle vs. Thyra.

-Blood of Martyrs
Errants + UA
Visgoth Juviah Rhoven & Honor Guard


Forge Father
- Monitor
- Cipher
- Inverter
- Galvanizer
- Mitigator

Turn 1 I threw out Synergy on Forge Father Syntherion, Hot Shot onto the Monitor and Reconstruct on the Inverter. Then advanced my army taking advantage of passing focus down the line running my army with 1 focus.

Thyra positioned the Errans in front of his heavies took a shot with the Reckoner and rolled very low on damage.

Turn 2 I took a shot with Forge Father Syntherion killing a errant. Convergence has a lot of great speed boost modifiers, but not in the units that are completely spoiled rules wise. So I positioned the Inverter with reconstruct to take the charges from his heavies. Mitigator punctured a few Errants.

Thyra charged with Blood of Martyrs doing some damage to the Inverter then side stepped out of the way to let the Reckoner charge in and finish the job, but fell short by 2 points of damage.

Turn 3 Inverter repairs from the Field Marshal rule. Cipher moves up with 1 focus kills an errant, powers up synergy, then Mitigator punches an errant not killing it (but powers up Synergy), Galvanizer moves up and repairs the Inverter by 4 points, Inverter destroys the reckoner with a pow 22 initial then a series of pow 19's after synergy. Then the monitor charges into Blood of Martyrs leaving it at 2 points. Leaving a cortex and arm.

Menoth goes powers Blood of Martyrs who finally finishes off the Inverter. Thyra then slams into the Monitor putting it at 2 points destroying everything except one hand.

Turn 4: This is basically mop up turn. Killing Blood of Martyrs to free up the Monitor who then moves up and kills Thyra. The things of special note that I found very entertaining this round was Convection allowed me to allocate a focus to the Monitor after it's self repaired fixed the system allowing it focus then the induction system passing a focus to it giving it 2 focus.

Sythnerion is an amazing jack caster. Resourcefulness makes him one of the strongest synergy casters in the game. His field marshal ability seemed lack luster in compaison to some of the amazing other ones like shield guard, counter charge and arc nodes. Self-repair does something that a lot of Warmachine players have asked for though. If you don't kill a jack within the round it'll be fully functional next round. Hordes no longer are unique in this area.

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