Sunday, October 5, 2014

Time to remember why I keep quitting Trollbloods...

With my goal for Convergence complete I needed to paint something different. I've always loved painting trolls and wanted to pull them out for a few games. Hopefully this time around I'll get over Tough being a bad mechanic (future article) and just enjoy the hilarity that can ensue.

Here is what I've painted for the Calandra Elemental list.

I already had Calandra, Mountain King, Kriel Stone, a lightning troll, Janissa and some whelps painted up. The competive version is supposedly more Warders and no mountain king but this is what I currently own so I'll start there.

Calandra +5 (Tier Bonus is all beasts are 1 less point)
Mountain King 19
Pyre Troll 4
Pyre Troll 4
Slag Troll 5
Lightning Troll 4
Lightning Troll 4
Warders (5) 8
Kriel Stone (4) + Elder 4
Janissa 3

Hopefully I can get some games in and post a few battle reports. I imagine I'll grab some things to tweak the list after a few games. Let's see where this goes!

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