Tuesday, February 5, 2013

After a long hiatus...

Though I haven't posted in quite some time I have been busy hobbying. My trolls haven't been very satisfying as of late and I hadn't had much luck with them either. I had painted quite a few of them but decided to shelve them for awhile and give another faction a fair shake.

So... I decided on Retribution. Since this is the year of play it painted I decided to only play this faction with painted models in 2013. I first tried them out in 2012 at Dual Con and promptly got stomped all weekend with them. Lately though I've been much more successful with them.

Below are some pictures of my current painting progress and I hope to finish up at least 1 of every model by Lock and Load where I plan on playing the faction and hopefully do well. I'll start updating more regularly on  lists I've been trying and tournaments I go to in preparation for Lock and Load.

Entire Painted Group

Battle Mages, 2 Magisters, Ravyn

Garryth, Halberdiers, Riflemen, and some more solos

Kaelyssa, some more solos and Sentinels

Discordia, Hydra, Phoenix, Thane, Arcanist, and Chimera


House Vyre Jacks

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