Sunday, October 28, 2018

Starting a new series. TLDR Battle Reports.

I want to share some experiences in Warmachine/Hordes by doing some battle reports. I don't find the excruciating detail, of typical battle reports, to share an entire experience that worthwhile as a reader or exciting to do as a writer. So this series is going to focus on a few things;
  • The lists
  • Major game moments
  • Learning moments
  • Pictures!
So my first set of TLDR Battle Reports are going to be from SoCal Open. I didn't think about starting this blog until this morning (post tournament) so I'll be light on pictures.

My pairing

Game 1: Krueger2 vs. Borka2

Major game moments:
  • Borka list moved very aggressively forward.
  • Pulled Rok to his death bottom of 1
  • Borka feated top of two, but forgot to power up Mulg.
  • Assassinated Borka on bottom of 2 by positioning him to back arc in Megalith's animus for Wyrds to shoot him doing a heavy amount of damage due to an upkeep being on him.

Game 2: Krueger2 vs. Skarre1
  • This was a great game.
  • Skarre1's list focused on double wraith engine + stalkers on feat to do heavy lifting
  • Removed a wraith engine and  Orin with shooting bottom of 1
    • Lesson: Opponent learned a lesson to watch Orin's placing as we talked about the game afterward.
  • Gave up too many scenario points easily. 
    • Lesson: Should have sacrificed a Waywatcher earlier to contest and force something to remove him. I really need to take this lesson to heart.
  • Failed to kill Daragh Wraithe with Megalith.
    • Lesson: When game is on the line, just boost a TK and secure the control point
  • Overall, won the attrition battle but two mistakes gave my opponent two more CP then I could afford due to him winning roll for first and having heavy jam.

Game 3: Krueger1 vs. Irusk2

  • Bird threat ranges are scary as they remove opponents BE bottom of 1

  • Opponent went for the scenario game and I positioned my Feral to contest left zone and right zone wasn't at risk. He did score the middle zone by destroying the zone 0-2 on CP. I did shoot down some bombadiers, dismounted the Drakhun and put some damage on shocktroopers.

  • Jammed both birds into my opponent, in the picture below you can see how he killed the right 1, but that took most of his effort. Both jacks got disrupted, the drakhun died, the marauder died and more bombardier casualties. The left bird was able to get angle on his caster and assassinated him.

  • Lessons Learned:
    • The list needs more models to contest.
    • Krueger1 list delivers speed and high value guns. It might be too niche.
    • I don't want to primal since I can't afford to lose control of something for a turn.
    • Krueger1's spell list is so expensive that I need to pick a single plan a turn. His costs don't let him do much in a turn.

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